Sunday 20 January 2013

Vintage Skyline Utensils

These maybe everyday kitchen utensil but they are design classics.  Made by Skyline their colourful painted handles have been in kitchens for decades.

The well known colourful handles come in many different shades and always seem to match what was fashionable at the time they were made.

Pale blue and sage green for the 1940's, bright yellow for the 50's and spicy orange for the 1960/70's.

Sadly it's quite difficult to find good condition items as they were probably used and washed everyday.  I also imagine there are many kitchens still making good use of spatulas, spoons and mashers.

The designs are well thought out - take a look at this clever measuring spoon.  

Lets hope I find a few more Skyline kitchen essentials on my search for all things vintage.


Sunday 4 November 2012

Decorating Silverhill Vintage HQ

The time has come to give my mini micro business a proper home.  For almost a year all my Silverhill Vintage stock has been jammed into our spare bedroom - bags and boxes pilled up and scattered all over the place.  I will still keep everything in the same room but it will be turned into a proper, bone-fide office/stock room, with plenty of storage and a desk.  Well that's the dream - the project starts here...

Stock in boxes and bags

Decorating Silverhill Vintage HQ begins...

Saturday 25 August 2012

Vintage Typewriter

Look what I found today.

The colour, the size, the carry case, the condition (after a little clean) it's all mint.

I love it - full stop.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Kitsch Vintage Birthday Cards.

A while ago I found these brilliant 21st birthday cards.  They were so 'groovy' I couldn't resist them and a great bargain at just 10p each.

Almost everyone I know has already reached 21 (and beyond) so I'll just have to hold on to them and admire their kitsch style instead.

Everything a 21 year old girl could dream of - presents, chocolates and a blue record player.

This picture is inside the card - seems like the chocolates have been eaten already.

Cute little Scotty dog holding the key to the door, a great tamashanta hat and red bow tie too.

Pretty cottage scene - perhaps at 21 this means it's time to settle down?

This is my favourite - there is a little diamonte in the girls eye, open up the card and...

a rosey cheeked boy is strumming a guitar, the girl dances - with a crazy pop-up leg. 

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Pretty Vintage Pinnies

I'm sorting stock to take to the Kitsch and Stitch fair in Cranbrook this Saturday. I've just washed and almost ironed a pile of vintage aprons, but can I part with them all? Some of the fabrics are just so nice.

This one is embroidered and has clever deep pockets.

The classic tabard - any cleaning lady would be proud to wear it.

I love the fabric of this pinny and the strong contrast of colours - I think its a keeper.

Practical 60's

Bright flowers

Spanish Dancers - this one would be a must have for any sophisticated hostess!

The classic cross over at the back.  I think this looks very 1930's.  The fabric is also very pretty.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Vintage Snap Cards

Today I found these fantastic vintage Snap cards, there are about 4 of each design, some are in perfect condition with a few raggedy ones, which shows the set has been a favourite in its time.    

I think I may put them in frames as they look great grouped together.

The colours all compliment each other perfectly and their simplicity adds to their vintage charm.

The images would appeal to any small person wanting to play with them as well as any grown up wanting to admire the different designs.

A couple of close ups.

Even the box is picture perfect.

Monday 4 June 2012

Making a Vintage Style Quilt

This year my best friend Lizi is turning a 'special' age (its the one when life begins).  We've been friends since school and over the years we've always stayed in touch and we now both live by the sea side - not in the same town but not too far away either.

I didn't just want to buy Lizi a present for her birthday, I wanted to give her something more memorable and unique, so I decided to make her a patchwork quilt with 40 squares (one for each year of her life) in vintage style, of course.

To start I needed to choose the fabrics and colours.  I went for blue, greys, and pinky salmon.  I didn't want to make it too girly as this isn't Lizi's style - so I chose classic Gingham, mixed with a few plain squares and a bold retro abstract flower pattern.

Stage one was pinning and sewing all the squares together.

It was quite tricky working out how to assemble the squares so that there were no doubles or similar fabrics close to each other.  
I just about managed it.

I added squishy thick wadding to pad out the quilt so it would be nice and cosy.

I then needed to find some fabric to back the quilt.  At first I thought I would do this in plain cream, but I came across this pale yellow and blue flower fabric.  It's actually from a duvet cover I found in a charity shop for £1.50.  I love a bargain and Lizi loves a bit of thrifting too so will definitely approve.

Pinning and sewing the backing along with the thick wadding was quite difficult but I managed it without any hiccups.

Finally I needed to quilt the quilt. 
This took quite a while and was slow going... but I got there in the end.

Here is the finished article.

There is also a little 'L' for Lizi hidden somewhere on the quilt for a little personal touch.