Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kitsch Vintage Birthday Cards.

A while ago I found these brilliant 21st birthday cards.  They were so 'groovy' I couldn't resist them and a great bargain at just 10p each.

Almost everyone I know has already reached 21 (and beyond) so I'll just have to hold on to them and admire their kitsch style instead.

Everything a 21 year old girl could dream of - presents, chocolates and a blue record player.

This picture is inside the card - seems like the chocolates have been eaten already.

Cute little Scotty dog holding the key to the door, a great tamashanta hat and red bow tie too.

Pretty cottage scene - perhaps at 21 this means it's time to settle down?

This is my favourite - there is a little diamonte in the girls eye, open up the card and...

a rosey cheeked boy is strumming a guitar, the girl dances - with a crazy pop-up leg. 

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