Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vintage Skyline Utensils

These maybe everyday kitchen utensil but they are design classics.  Made by Skyline their colourful painted handles have been in kitchens for decades.

The well known colourful handles come in many different shades and always seem to match what was fashionable at the time they were made.

Pale blue and sage green for the 1940's, bright yellow for the 50's and spicy orange for the 1960/70's.

Sadly it's quite difficult to find good condition items as they were probably used and washed everyday.  I also imagine there are many kitchens still making good use of spatulas, spoons and mashers.

The designs are well thought out - take a look at this clever measuring spoon.  

Lets hope I find a few more Skyline kitchen essentials on my search for all things vintage.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, they look so different. It's fun to find old things and give them new life :) I love the measuring spoon too, never seen one like it!