Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Classic Vintage Penguin Books

A while ago I was having a rummage in the loft at my mums house and came across a little stash of classic vintage Penguin books.  Luckily my mum had forgotten they were there and was more than happy for me to give them a new home.  Since then I've managed to gather a few more to add to the ever expanding shelf.

Each of the different colours represents a genre.

The orange books, that we're probably most familiar with, are fiction.

The green books are crime.
I'm very chuffed to have found a book with the word 'vintage' in the title.

Blue is biographies and memoirs.

Pink is travel and adventure.

I have yet to find some in classic purple - essays, grey - world affairs, which I have never seen before and red - drama.  I expect there were less of these printed so are much harder to find.

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